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[Vintage] Server Information


Post by MRJ » March 11th, 2018, 8:36 pm

This server is designed around BG, WoE, and MVPing mainly! Those who wish to solo or play in small groups will still have their place, but it's in your best interests to find and meet people and play together.

Mechanics: Max level 99/70, ASPD 190, standard Pre-Renewal mechanics
EXP Rates: irrelevant- you are automatically sent to 99/70 (or 99/50 if you're a Pretrans class)
Drop Rates: 10x on most, 500x on cards, 50x on boss cards, 25x on mvp cards.
Cards: All pre 13.3s available for 50 BG badges (about 1 win), others 5.00% drop (may be increased later)
MVP/Boss Cards: MVP cards Fading and some minis. Fading cards are disabled in BG only. viewtopic.php?f=3&t=12
Emulator: Based on rAthena with several years of bugfixes.
Client: 2017 client base. Effect toggling, /fastrefresh, Font modification, Frostdelays, antititan, M2E, skill ranges.. etc, all builtin. See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=18
MVP drops - Give KP for better and better mobs, drop their items, and anyone who buys Tokens with KP may have party instance to farm the base items. See viewtopic.php?f=3&t=9
Hats - The most important feature of all. Every hat is available as a costume (plus some cool customs the community has made). Acquiring a costume version of any hat will require a cashshop token (gotta pay those bills somehow)
Master Storage/Data - All accounts have a master storage and share certain information, such as BG Victory Points and other misc things.
Zeny - Removed. Trades and Shops will now use Kafra Points. The basic items tool dealer will give any item for 0 zeny, and other refine costs etc are removed.
Towns - All towns available, some with multiple save spots. All have a Healer, Kafra Warper, PVP Warper, and Tool Dealer available. I don't know why other servers don't do this more often.
Warpra - Kafra warps to all Cities, MVP Maps, Instance entrances, and Guild Dungeons (for a fee).
PVP Warper - Warps to BG lobby, PVP (no pots), GVG arena, or creates private party PVP instance.
Tool Dealer - Gives standard items, plus some extras (arrows, quivers, traps, gemstones, etc)
Stylist - Able to adjust hairs and body palettes (based on Kamishi's handmade palettes - so no ugly mustard tigers will be roaming around), can save up to 3 styles, and offers alternate hairs for Cash Points.
Pretrans WoE - Please see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=29
Legacy Gear Shops - All pre-13.3 gear is available from NPCs for KP - see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11
De-Newal - The new monsters to fight and instances to visit are fun and drop cool and interesting items. These have been backported and nerfed to hell to make them fit into PreRE much better.
-Currently uses modified Conquest and KVM (bo3), we want to add new modes but all the eamod defaults are trash (or worse, buggy).
-There is only 1 queue for now, but if there is interest, we will add a Pretrans KVM+WoEFE simulation BG as well.
-100/50 KP for win/loss, 45/25 badges for win/loss, increasing to double when the match is above 30v30. GM events may also increase badge rates as well.
-Therapist will instant restock+heal+cure status+agibless+remount and give Spirit of the Soul Linker (no other classes however)
-@joinbg solo or @joinbg party and it will invite you. Parties (currently) cap at 3 users. It prioritizes sending a bard class to each team and balances accordingly.
-Watch with @spectatebg if you just want to look around. Spectators are invisible, can't do damage, can't receive damage, and can only chat in #bg
-BG materials are all free. Pick the items and you get 30k in storage to play with.
-Can only connect once per hardware id, so people of shared houses/apartments should be able to connect just fine.
-BG stats expanded. You can see mini stats in game with @bgstats, and more detailed on the site. They reset every week, and the users with the most elo gets special prize hats.

Standard rAthena commands
@alootid, @aloottype, @autoloot, @arealoot, @channel, @help @hominfo, @homstats, @homtalk, @iteminfo, @jailtime, @me, @memo, @mobinfo, @noask, @petinfo, @pettalk, @refresh, @request, @showdelay, @showzeny, @time, @uptime,
Custom commands:
@autorefresh <time> - Refreshes every <time> seconds
@dropalert <item>- Displays a notice when you receive <item>
@frostdelay - Displays skill delay info
@skillchain - Lets the user attempt to queue skills while other skills are being used
@guildhp - Displays guildmate HP as if they were partymates
@guilditem - Shows the list of guild-bound items you have
@battleinfo - Displays kill/death information
@hotkeyitem <id> <row> <key>- allows you to hotkey a non-hotkeyable item to track how many you have
@ignoredrops - disables viewing of items that are dropped to the ground
@noannouncements, @nobgmessages, @nowoemessages, - toggles display of global announcements
@spb - Displays partymate's Bless/Agi/Soul link/Fcp/Devotion status (does not work in pretrans maps)
@hidepet - disables display of peoples' pets
@hateffect - disables display of peoples' hat effects
woe/bg related @commands
@packetfilter <options> - filters (C)hat, (I)tem usage, (G)roundskills, (H)eal effects (only in woe/BG!)
@bgafk/reportafk/rafk <name> - Kicks an AFK member of your team
@bgleader <name> - changes BG team leader
@bgjoin/joinbg <solo|party> - Lets you/your party join BG
@bgspec/spectatebg/specbg - Sends you to BG invisible and unable to fight, so you can watch
@bgstats views your current round or total BG stats

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