Published: 2018-05-06 15:36:02 | Updated: 2018-05-06 15:36:02
As of this point, it's safe to say that our Vintage server (I'll talk about Modern later...) is in a good position for recruitment right now. After seeing how much work we needed on launch, we hit pause on recruitment and focused fully on fixing bugs, adding helpful features, and so on. There are still more things coming down the pipe that we want to fix (like nipping some client crashes, making party windows lock properly, etc!)

Recruiting more players
To aid in the recruitment, we're going to set up a few things. The first one is gpacks, a set for small friend groups, a set for moderate friend groups, and a set for woe groups
  • Newbie packs, 5/15/25 packs, 25 for woe guilds, 15 for small guilds, and 5 for friend groups. All will contain freebies from the Legacy Gear shops so they can immediately BG/WoE/MVP. (and of course, a few costume tickets. always give a sample of drugs to get them hooked on it.). It will be OK to retroactively apply despite not being a new player, for the record!. Full information on this will be posted at a later date.
  • Finally being put on Vote sites/RMS and getting referral points and voting points that are worth working for!
  • Proxy for Asia/Europe (gated only by server costs for now unfortunately)
Vintage Server Trans WoE
Trans WoE! There is no point in having a gpack for trans guilds who don't have a WoE to prep for, but luckily, you do!
Our Target first WoE for Trans will be May 19, 1 hour after the current PT WoE time (though the guilds participating can discuss this, it's just our goal). Of note for the Trans WoE:
  • None of the Renewal conversion items will be available for (at least) 1 month, to give guilds time to prepare. If you're wondering if an item is available for use on Trans WoE, the answer is whether or not the item is in the BG Gear or Legacy Gear shops (the one exception is Sunglasses[1] and a few items from the official cash shops, such as I Love China Hat and Parade Cap). The cards allowed will be none added after the mobs from Episode 11 (Cursed Abbey/Thor's Volcano cards will be in, but not the New World+ cards). If you know the item IDs, it's nothing past Hibram card (Malangdo enchants will not apply either, only the Hidden Enchants, but go ahead and make those DEX+2 Combat Knife for BG).
  • When/if renewal items get added to WoE, it will be per episode, instead of all at once. The details on what is available will be announced for their "unveiling" several weeks before they will be allowed in WoE (but obviously, you can still gather the items as they come).
  • The Progression history will be based off the iROwiki list in order to ensure people know what is coming and when. See
  • Denewalled 3rd jobs and Extended 2nd jobs (Doram/Rebellion/Kagerou/Oborou) will never be added to Vintage server.
Modern Server
Unfortunately our Modern Server is still a bit behind, in large part because of rAthena missing so many things (in spite of all the things we have added in..)
We need people who play Renewal and love it to tell us what we need to add to reduce much more of the grind. Please. Because when it comes to Renewal, we're only slightly less incompetent than the iRO staff.
Things that we know need done for the future are the following:
  • Enchantments automatically maxing out. What this means (and is already done for Faceworm's Nest, so ex you always get stat+7 on Giant Faceworm Skins) is that the best stat available will always be granted.
  • Fallen Angel Wing enchanter, kage/obo enchanter, etc. missing.
  • Rebellion Awakening skills bug fixing (Madness Canceller, Gatling Fever, probably some others)
  • Kagerou/Oborou/Summoner skills bug fixing.
  • Delays on some skills are either too short or too long. Part of this is because our server uses a 200 ms minimum delay, while other renewal servers use a 100 ms minimum delay. We will likely stick to 200 ms for some weird niche cases like Warg Strike, but there are other weird instances like Hell Plant where gravity just randomly decided to remove the animation on it, so we have it faked now.

Published: 2018-04-20 01:29:52 | Updated: 2018-04-20 01:29:52
FULL Client DownloadFULL Instructions
  1. Extract to any game folder you want (but please not in C:\Program Files!)
  2. Click sov-vintage.exe or sov-modern.bat to begin!

LITE Client DownloadLITE Instructions
  1. Extract to any game folder you want (but please not in C:\Program Files!)
  2. Put kRO data.grf in your SoV folder
  3. Click sov-vintage.exe or sov-modern.bat to begin!
About malware notifications
Please put an anti-virus exception on your SoV folder, there is no malware, it's just your AV software being very cautious! It sees the patcher, a program that can download stuff from the web and delete files on your computer!
But I assure you, there is no malware or viruses as long as you downloaded from these links!
Published: 2018-04-17 19:19:11 | Updated: 2018-04-17 19:19:11
I hope you're ready. I hope you've been helping recruit your friends. I've personally been working on this server using up a lot of free time and money that was, of course, much better spent doing other things.

But Rag All Night Long cannot be resisted!!
Author: | Published: 2018-05-11 11:15:31 | Updated: 2018-05-11 11:15:31
MRJ is still bamboozled without internet. I have instructed him to find the nearest Starbucks and camp out for awhile.

Patch will be happening without him. Client patch has already been pushed out. Let us know if something seems missing, etc.

  • Double reflect bug has been fixed.
  • Supremacy requirement has been set to 7v7 after the 10v10 experiment.
  • You will not be marked AFK when waiting in KVM dead zones. Same fix can be applied to Supremacy if needed.
  • The bug with PT Kafra castle warp has been fixed.
  • Setting that made undroppable cards still droppable has been corrected. Cards that should not have dropped have been removed.
  • Refine rates now match official rates
  • Fixed a bug at the bio4 reward guy that would delete materials when you cancelled.
  • Costume Vending Machine should now be corrected to not give items sold by npcs or dropped by mobs. Costumes that come from quests will still be obtainable.
  • Daily BG Quest has received a bug fix and qol update. It will no longer be possible to claim the reward by all your characters that have the quest after completing with one character. Your win count will no longer be reset by picking up the quest on a new character, instead being reset on quest turn in.
  • New room added to the BG/PVP warper called Damage Testing. This has copies of the dummies in Prontera, without town restrictions that prevent using skills like SG. PVP is not enabled in this room.
  • Costumes from HTF cannot be turned in for Costume Gemstones.
  • The Bulk Tool Dealer in the Adventurers Group has a sell option that actually works now. He doesn't want to buy your stuff, just walk out into Prontera.
  • Refining was disabled in the PT hubs. The shop will now auto-refine items. Non-pt items that were refined using this refiner have already been dealt with.
  • Improved Bongun and Munak hats can be refined!
  • Demon God Essences will be treated like cards at the decarder npcs.
  • WoE Stats fixes have been implemented. Guilds are properly saving and things like top damage will actually get tracked now.
  • We discovered a potential elo bug and have added some code to correct it.
  • More updates for Old Glast Heim because this script loves to be buggy! Correct reward amounts will be given in treasure room in normal mode. Commanders respawning is an official mechanic and will be staying. They spawn randomly on mob kills on their designated side of the map. We have updated the script so that if they have not spawned after 70 mob kills on their side, they will be force spawned. This only happens one time per side.
  • More new hats have snuck into the costume vending machine.
Vintage Only
  • Peuz combo only boosts Spear Boomerang by 50% instead of 100%
  • Krishna+Sin Gloves boost Sonic Blow by 10% instead of 50%
  • Horror Toy Factory enchanting will not remove refines. This enchant can still fail, but only coins are lost.

Author: | Published: 2018-05-02 11:46:47 | Updated: 2018-05-02 11:46:47
  • WoE Info signs have gotten some recoding.
  • Costume Vending Machine should no longer give out hats that are dropped by monsters or sold by NPC. May still give hats obtained via quest. If this makes you extra salty because you have those kinds of costumes, make a support ticket. This update did not appear to work as planned. Next patch will correct this issue. Please go ahead and continue to make support tickets if desired.
  • Useless event coupons have been removed from Santa Porings. Existing coupons can be kept for personal reasons?
  • Snap delay has been corrected.
  • Opening a potion box while overweight will drop the potions to the floor now.
  • Entering Demon God will automatically give you the secondary kill quests if you do not have them and are not on cooldown for them.
  • RWC Memory Knife can now be equipped by the correct classes
  • Updated towns list to make it possible to @joinbg in all of them
  • Now you can do @go battleground or @go bg
  • Card Supplier should now have all the cards it should. Please complain really loudly if something is missing.
  • Item refunds have been processed for biolabs items. You should get them when you log any character provided you have inventory space.
  • OGH and OGH-H have received some edits. This should reduce the amount of chat time.
  • Temporals enchanter will no longer eat the refine on your final enchant.
  • Bug with Daily BG quest has been fixed. This has already been loaded on Vintage.
  • Some bugs with spectators being able to ..sort of participate should be removed now
  • Abyss Cave B1 warp will no longer take you out of the map. Ooops.
  • Costume Happy Parrot is now a mid like other costume birds.
  • All BG items were moved to the tool dealers.
  • Added Schwarzvald Pineapple Juice to the tool dealer
  • Skills used on the floor will be cleared after each round of KVM and each progression in Supremacy
  • Coagulated Spell added for 1 BGVP each, Bloody Branch cost changed to 5 BGVP
  • Horror Toy Factory requirements for every item (besides Kimi's Ribbon) have been reduced to 1/10 of before. Treasures from the MVP will now give 10 times as many Bloody Coins as before.
  • Blacksmith Party buffs now always have the full duration because.. well, it seemed kind at the time because I was touching the code to make it so that...
  • A heap of party targeting skills should now process on BG allies, including: Angelus, Magnificat, Gloria, Wind Walk, Adrenaline Rushes, Weapon Perfection, Overthrust, (and now the renewal list) Clementia, Cantocandidus, Praefitio, Coluceo Heal (bonus caps at 12 members only, just like Kihop or a normal party ), Lauda Agnus, Lauda Ramus, Frigg's Song, Swing Dance, Moonlight Serenade, Symphony of Lover, Windmill Rush, Echo Song, Elemental Shield, Hissing, Shrimp Bunch, Purring, Shrimp Party, and ... ugh, Meowmeow.
  • Arrows have been added to the Tool Dealer. Quivers have been left for those that like them.
  • The Hidden Enchanter dialogue is now more descriptive about how Enchanting Coupons work.
  • A bug in Horror Toy Factory dropping equips in a stack has been fixed.
  • Card Separation NPCs have been modified. The fee is 1000 KP and will succeed 100%. It will keep refines and enchants. You can find them in Malangdo and in the traditional card remover spot in Prontera. Note: You cannot decard MVP cards.
  • Guild emblem can now be changed during WoE hours.
  • Autopot and BG disabled for non-trans classes (aside from the Taekwon line)
Vintage Only
  • Jitterbug items will now only boost Arrow Vulcan damage by 25%
  • Arc Elder Card can now be slotted
  • Bloody Cross, Cold Magic Book, Gigantic Lance, and Guillotine Katar have been added to Bio4 MVPs as drops.
  • Carnium and Bradium drops have been added to their proper enemies in Biolab, Thor, Abbey, and Manuk mobs
  • Malangdo Culvert hard mode can be accessed now.
  • Now Trans classes, Gunslinger, Ninja, Soul Linker, and TKM have 10x the normal base weight. Hooray.
  • Double equipping of RWC Memory Knife has been blocked.
  • Mora enchants for HW and HP will keep refines and refine bonuses.
Modern Only
  • Dragon Breath, Dragon Breath Water, and Hell Plant should all have delays matching their animations now. Note that animation cancelling isn't quite right (yet) when being damaged by multihit skills like Comet (should be ready for next patch).
  • Hell Plant was changed to have a minimum cast time of 1 ms, because gravity made it one of those skills that didn't animate the char at instantcast for.. some reason
  • Dragon Breath and Dragon Breath Water will not be boosted by Magnum Break damage bonus
  • A maximum duration of 20s has been added to several 3rd Class statuses. These include Thorn Trap, Melon Bomb, GX Poisons, Illusion Doping, Masquerades, Strip Accessory, Harmonize, Voice of Siren, Marsh of Abyss, Crystallize, and Deep Sleep
  • RWC gift pack now grants the same items as on vintage, a RWC ring+pendant and random RWC weapon or RWC Pin
  • Enriched Ori/Elu and Token of Seigfried will finally be tradeable like on Vintage.

Author: | Published: 2018-04-26 14:24:53 | Updated: 2018-04-26 14:24:53
  • minimum etc/heal/usable item drop rate changed to 5.00%
  • KP should now be properly granted to all party members. If you still have instances of party members not being granted KP, let us know ASAP.
  • BG double login bug should be happening less frequently, if at all.
  • A bug where skill scrolls ignored skill delays has been removed
  • Restocker will no longer give out BG/WoE labeled items.
  • Restocker allows toggling restocking on and off. Disabling restocking will not wipe your snapshot. Saving a snapshot automatically enables restocking again.
  • Restocker will try to restock Box of Sunlights from storage
  • All slims/whites/blues are automatically ranked. Note: Not for Pretrans maps.
  • Costumer will now trade Costume Gemstones for Costume Machine Tokens. Turn in two unwanted costumes to get another try at the vending machine!
  • Platinum Skills NPC added into the Class Services room of the Adventurers' Group
  • BGVP requirement to enter instances has been removed
  • Many instances (ex: Malandgo Culvert) now allow re-entry after disconnects or crashes.
  • Filir SBR44 and Vanilmirth Explosion disabled in PVP/BG/WoE maps
  • Homunculus intimacy rate has been increased to 1000
  • Resetter has been fixed for pretrans.
  • Prices in Kafra Point Shop have been lowered by 10x
  • RWC Initializer Coupon has been added to the Kafra Point Shop
  • Added a Misc Tool Dealer shop that has Phracon, Emveratacon, Elunium, Oridecon and the Shopsearch Scroll
  • Rental Cards will automatically disable in Pretrans and BG maps
  • Mid-Slotting now has a 100% success rate
  • Pretrans characters can now sell items at the shop
  • The go command can now be used on the Adventurers' Group map
  • Nightmare Pyramid B2 warp added to kafra.
  • Many renewal items have been added to the BGVP shop
  • Biolab/Jitterbug Tooth requirements have been cut to 1/10 as many
  • Enchantment or slotting failures on many many NPCs has been changed to 0% probability
  • Kafra now warps to the correct location for Ghost Palace
  • Purchasing Mora Equipment for Wizard and Priest is no longer RNG based
  • Supremacy is skipped when the previous round had less than 10 players.
  • Gym Pass cost is being reduced. Refunds will be given automatically during the maintenance.
  • Modern: Vellum/WoE items have been added to the BG Shops
  • Modern: >10, HD refiners, and safe refiners added to hub.
  • Modern: HD Elu/Ori/Bradium/Carnium and Safe Refine to 6/9 tickets have been added to the BGVP shops
  • Modern: MVP warp to Payon Field 11 swapped to Payon Field 10
  • Modern: Dark Faceworm HP should be capped at 5.2m and FWQ at 52m hp
  • Modern: DFW and FWQ now always give special Stat, and stat+7 enchant items.
  • Vintage: Light of Cure enchant now removes skill delay for Heal.
  • Vintage: Skills now damage the BG emperium
  • Vintage: WoE Potion Boxes will give normal potions instead of WoE labeled potions

Author: | Published: 2018-04-21 14:58:31 | Updated: 2018-04-21 14:58:31
In preparation of the first maintenance later today, here's a list of what's been addressed.

There will also be a client update to address several client issues such as the wrong date format shown when deleting a character.

  • Pre-registration free equipment should now be correctly handed out.
  • ASPD potions have been added to the tool dealer and bg shops.
  • Drop rate for card-granted items has been updated to match other rates
  • Minimum equipment drop rate has been set to 10%
  • Legacy Shop has had its prices lowered
  • Starting area will no longer give Smokie card to Thief classes
  • Healer has been given a larger AOE
  • Restocker no longer requires BG Supplies to be in storage
  • Bradium Earring, Brooch and Ring have been added to the Legacy shop
  • BG and MVP Kafra Points reward has been increased.
  • Kafra Card restocking will no longer have a progress bar
  • Homunculus Master added. Gives embryos/stone and will morph homunculus
  • BG targetting issue should be fixed now
  • Royal Jelly and Mastela Fruit have been hard coded to not be ranked
  • Adventurer's Mark behaves like a Bwing and will no longer allow leaving BG
  • Added the commands: go, load, storage, guildstorage
  • Blocked access to jail/new for go command
  • Mob timers for Jakk and Nightmare in gef_dun01 and gef_dun02 have been removed.
  • Using skills or npcs will no longer walk you to the location of it
  • BG Emperium/Stones/Barricades now behave as plant types like eamod servers. Vintage emps have 500hp, Modern emp have 700hp, stones 250hp and barricades have 100hp.
  • Edit: Bulk Tool Dealer will be added into the Adventurers' Group and will stock your storage to the max of normal tool dealer items.
  • Edit: DB Room Manager added into towns. Will give access to four public DB rooms where you can use DBs and Bloody Branches
  • An issue where players quit or get kicked from BG after queueing required relogging to re-join BG has been removed
  • BardDancer/Rogue Card box item names were reversed
  • The normal healer will now restock PVM items
Pretrans Specific on Vintage
  • NPC changed to sell Royal Jelly instead of Grape Juice
  • Gypsy Slowgrace uses STR instead of DEX to lower ASPD
  • Status Arrows are now available
  • Resetter no longer asks for KP for pretrans characters
  • Brocca no longer works on PT maps
  • PT chars can now get PecoPecos
Modern Only
  • Added Throat Lozenge and Regrettable Tears to tool dealer
  • Starting area will give Warlocks their books
  • BG Shop now offers White/Violet/Blue potion boxes
  • Mechanic Mado skills no longer require the accessories to be equipped, items must still be in inventory
  • Bannana Bomb capped at 3 seconds
  • Mechanic skills updated to say what item is missing when failing
  • Edit: Snap has been enabled in BG

Server Status
Daily Active: 85
Weekly Active: 164
Login Server: Server is online. Online

Vintage Players Online: 12
Char Server: Server is online. Online
Map Server: Server is online. Online

Modern Players Online: 0
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